Summer at Barnard

During the summer months and through special programs throughout the academic year, the Summer Session and Continuing Studies Office brings the academic richness and experience of Barnard to an expanded community of learners including, but not limited to, current Barnard students, Columbia students, visiting college students,  and pre-college students.

Additional Summer Opportunity

Summer Research Institute (SRI)

Every year, for currently enrolled degree students, the Summer Research Institute facilitates funding and supportive programming for faculty-mentored student research at Barnard and Columbia University, as well as around New York City.

Additional Summer Opportunity

Internships and Externships

Internships offer an invaluable step toward focusing career goals and preparing for life after college. Barnard's location in New York City provides a distinctive advantage for students looking to intern during the academic year and also during the summer.

Additional Summer Opportunity

Summer Study Away/Faculty-Led Programs

Consider academic programs and course offerings held off-campus and internationally. Open to current Barnard students. Faculty-led programs are also open to Columbia students and visiting students. Programs are by application only with limited enrollments.